Director: Rebecca Marzeski
Secretary: Alesha Smith
Web Master:  Jean Kosina
220 Henry Street Herkimer, NY 13350
Phone: (315) 866-4831 Fax: (315) 866-9043
In the event that a student or staff member is sick or symptomatic, notification to exposed individuals will occur pursuant to the state’s contact tracing protocols as implemented by the local health department. The school will not notify the wider community unless specifically directed to do so by local health officials. If anyone tests positive for COVID-19, Becky Marzeski, safety coordinator, will notify the Local Health Department - Herkimer County Public Health Department at 315-867-1176.  Under their guidance, they will assist with who needs to be notified and monitored. We will include in our Family Handbook that if a child is sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19, they must self-quarantine for 14 days, and/or get tested for COVID-19 and after 14 days, provide a doctor note to return to work or school.  If a person has been in close contact w/another person with COVID-19, and whether the person has it or does not show symptoms-either way-the person must self-quarantine for 14 days and after 14 days, provide a doctor’s note to return to school.  We will contact the health Department for guidance. If the Nurse is not on duty, the Secretary or Director will contact the parent if their child is suspected of being ill.  If Nurse is on duty, the nurse will contact the parent if their child is suspected of being ill.  In all cases, the child or staff member will be removed from the classroom and taken to the COVID room.

COVID-19 Testing

[Outline plans to share protocols and safety measures taken by the school during containment (positive or presumed-positive cases) with all relevant parties including parents/legal guardians, faculty, staff, students and the local community.] 

  • Teacher will call the nurse.  If the nurse is not on duty, the teacher will call the main office.

  • Nurse or secretary will put on extra PPE and go to the classroom and take the child to the room designated as the possible COVID-19 case room (Sick room - 1st floor kitchen/bathroom).  If more than one child is ill, we will social distance them and/or use an additional room and staff member until the parent arrives.

  • The teacher will relocate the rest of the class to an outdoor activity or a spare classroom.

  • Secretary will call the child’s parent to come and take the child for medical attention. Children will be permitted back to school with a doctor’s note.

  • Cleaning staff will clean and disinfect the child’s classroom.  After the child leaves the Sick Room, cleaning staff will clean and disinfect the room.

  • All air purifiers will be moved to that area of the building.

  • If a staff member is ill, they will contact the office, leave immediately, and seek medical attention. Other staff and children in that room will be evacuated to an outdoor activity or to a spare classroom.

  • Cleaning staff will clean and disinfect that classroom.

  • All air purifiers will be moved to that area of the building.

When referring, sourcing, and/or administering testing, the school will work with the following providers:

  • Herkimer County Public Health Department 315-867-1176

  • Bassett Healthcare Clinic 315-867-2700

St. Francis de Sales Early Childhood Center  will keep
accurate attendance records and will work closely with the Herkimer
County Health Department for any COVID-19 cases or suspected cases.

Contact Tracing

The school will notify the state and local health department immediately upon being informed of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result by an individual within school facilities or on school grounds, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

To assist the local health department with tracing the transmission of COVID-19, the school has developed and maintained a plan to trace all contacts of exposed individuals in accordance with protocols, training, and tools provided through the New York State Contact Tracing Program.  

The school may assist with contact tracing by:

  1. Keeping accurate attendance records of students and staff members

  2. Ensuring student schedules are up to date 

  3. Keeping a log of any visitor which includes date and time, and where in the school they visited

  4. Assisting the local health departments in tracing all contacts of the individual in accordance with the protocol, training, and tools provided through the NYS Contact Tracing Program

If/when COVID-19 cases are discovered in the school, in consultation with the local health department, the school will do the following:

  • Same procedure as listed in the COVID-19 section above.

Confidentiality must be maintained as required by federal and state laws and regulations. School staff should not try to determine who is to be excluded from school based on contact without guidance and direction from the local health department. 

Remote Learning
In support of remote learning, the school will make computer devices available to students and teachers where appropriate.   A survey will be conducted to determine the needs of students including the availability of appropriate technology and internet access.  The school will provide students and their families with multiple ways to have contact with teachers during remote learning, including  Class Dojo, text messaging, emails, and phone calls

In-person Instruction 

Upon reopening, the number of students in each of our classrooms will be reduced to adhere to CDC guidance regarding proper social distancing. Class size will reflect the need to ensure that students’ desks/seats are positioned no less than six feet apart. 

Accommodating a six-foot radius around students will necessitate the identification of additional rooms and common-area spaces that can be converted into elementary classrooms.

 Our current staffing levels are sufficient to accommodate the expanded number of classrooms needed to ensure social distancing.

  • Two classrooms will be used to split our 3 year olds into two pods. 

  • Staffing in the pre-k 3 program will consist of a full time teacher, a full time aide, and a part time aide.

  • Two classrooms will be used to split our 4 year olds into two pods.

  • Staffing in the pre-k 4 program will consist of two full time teachers, a full time aide, and a part time aide.

  • Staffing in Kindergarten will consist of a full time teacher and a one-on-one aide.

  • Staffing in First grade will consist of a full time teacher.

All instruction will continue to be aligned to the New York State Learning Standards.

The school will minimize the movement of students. This potentially means having students eat lunch in their classroom instead of the cafeteria and eliminating assemblies, field trips and other large-group activities. Special-area subjects (e.g., art, music, physical education) may be pushed into the classroom.  Whenever possible students will utilize outside space for physical education instruction. We will adhere to 12 feet between students when engaging in physical activity. 

To the extent possible, students will remain in small cohorts if/when leaving the classroom, such as for recess or any necessary transition, so as to reduce their exposure to additional students.

For information on school schedules, visit the School Schedules section [] of our reopening plan. 

  • We will have our students 5 days per week fromW 8:00 or 8:30 to 2:15 or 2:45 daily.

  • Classes will be conducted as normal except for PPE and social distancing.

  • The same children will remain in the same cohort or pod daily.

  • Students will be with their teachers all day.

For information about how in-person instruction information will be communicated to students and families, visit the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section [] of our reopening plan.

Remote/Hybrid Instruction 

Given the possibility that communities may experience spikes in COVID-19 cases at any point during the school year, which may prompt short or long-term school closures, our school has developed a hybrid/blended learning model and schedule that can continue as is in a fully remote environment.

To ensure high-quality remote learning experiences, we will all be using Zoom and Facetime as our  online learning platforms. 

Grading practices will follow a standards-based framework designed to provide direct feedback regarding students’ mastery of course content. 

Vulnerable Populations/Accommodations 

We recognize that some students and staff members are at an increased risk for severe COVID-19 illness, live with a person who is at an increased risk, or simply do not feel comfortable returning to an in-person educational environment. It is our goal to provide reasonable accommodations that ensure these individuals are able to safely participate in educational activities. 

  • Any child whose parent deems the child unable to attend in-person learning will be given the opportunity to use the hybrid plan.