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Secretary: Marianne Dillenbeck
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St. Francis de Sales Early Childhood Learning Center
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         St. Francis de Sales Early Childhood

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Mission Statement:

St. Francis de Sales School serves children of all

 faiths, Preschool through Kindergarten. We 

provide a safe, nurturing environment that is

academically challenging, setting the foundation

 for students to become lifelong learners. We

emphasize the need to serve in the Catholic 

faith and we offer opportunities to share in the 

mission of Jesus Christ.



220 Henry Street

Herkimer, NY 13350

Phone: (315) 866-4831



St. Francis de Sales Regional Catholic School

220 Henry Street • Herkimer • New York • 13350


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Dear Parents,


St. Francis de Sales has a long, rich

 tradition of educating children according to

 a Catholic philosophy of education. This

 philosophy is based on a value system that

 respects each person as a unique gift of God.


St. Francis is a child/family centered school,

 first opening its doors to parish children in

 February, 1921. Being the only Catholic

school in Herkimer County at present,

 St. Francis has become an Early Childhood

 Learning Center, welcoming families of all 

area Catholic parishes, as well as



The fact that we have continued to be open

 and viable for so many years indicates that

 we have much for which to be thankful. 

To successfully continue into the future,

 however, we need positive support, lots of 

hard work, and a sacrificial spirit on the 

part of many families in the area.


We ask God’s blessing on the efforts of all 

who involve themselves in St. Francis de

 Sales Early Childhood Learning Center so

 that area children can continue to be 

offered academic excellence in an

 environment that emphasizes faith, values,

 and discipline. Regulations governing 

St. Francis Early Childhood Learning Center

may be found at http:/


May this new school year be a very happy 

and rewarding one for all who are in any 

way a part of the St. Francis de Sales Early

 Childhood Learning Center.


Sincerely in Christ,


Laura Campione, Becky Marzeski,

and Erin View


Regional Parishes:

Annunciation, Ilion • Blessed Sacrament,

 Mohawk • Holy Family, Little Falls •

 Our Lady Queen of Apostles, Frankfort    

•Sts. Anthony & Joseph, Herkimer •

St. Francis de Sales, Herkimer • 

St. John's, Newport • St. Joseph's, Dolgeville


Accredited by the AdvancED North Central

Association Commission on Accreditation and 

School Improvement (NCA CASI)













The schools of the Diocese of Albany base

 not only their educational purposes, but all

 their activities, on the Christian teaching

 of the essential equality of all persons as

rooted in the fatherhood of God, Christ’s

love, and one’s supernatural destiny. Thus,

with discrimination so repugnant to their

 nature and mission, Catholic schools in this

 diocese have not and shall not discriminate

 on the basis of race, color, national and 

ethnic origin in administration of educational

 policies, and all school administered

 programs. Catholic schools in the Diocese 

of Albany have not and shall not

 discriminate on the basis of sex in

 administration of educational policies,

 admissions policies, and all school

administered programs.







TABLE OF CONTENTS                           



Administration, Faculty and Staff                4

Attendance Policy                                      5

Organization/Security                                6    

School/Home Assignments                         6

Discipline Policy                                        7/8   

Before/Aftercare Program                           9

Money Sent to School, Paying by Check       9

Tuitio                                                   10

Attire                                                      10

Illness/Accident and Medication                10/11

Vacations/Snack/Birthday                       11

Special Guests/Newsletter/Weekly Packet   12

School Books/ Supply Fee for Kindergarten 12

Bus Conduct Policy                                    13

Insurance                                                 13

Safety Procedures                                     14

Pizza & Special Lunch Days/Recess          14/15                                             

Parent-Teacher Conferences                      15

School Masses                                         15

Parent Group                                           16

Parent Volunteers/Classroom Parents         16

New School Year                                      17

Diocesan Promise to Protect                      18

Note of Thanks                                         19












Pastor     - Rev. Mark Cunningham

               2 N. Bellinger St.                            


Director  - Mrs. Rebecca Marzeski 


Secretary - Mrs. Marianne Dillenbeck  


Bookkeeper - Mrs. Tracy Wameling                           





Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (3’s) - TBA             

Pre-K Aide - Mrs. Cathleen Treen                       

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (4’s)

  - Mrs. Erin View,     


  - Mrs. Rebecca Marzeski    


Pre-K Aide - Mrs. Masiry Lethbridge            

Kindergarten Teacher              

- Mrs. Laura Canpione          


Before/After Care Aides 

 - Christine Campisi

  -Cathleen Treen

  - TBA


Special Instructors:

Physical Education  - Mr. Preston Brown 

(PT-Tues. /Thurs.)

Music   - Mrs. Donna Dillman (PT-Fri.)

Technology - Classroom Teachers

Library Bi-Weekly - Public Librarian






Provided through the Herkimer Central School 

District Nurse                       

- Mrs. Nancy Saunders (RN)      





Arrival and Dismissal


Kindergarteners should arrive between 

7:50 - 8:00 AM.    

Pre-K students should arrive between

 8:20 - 8:30 AM

Students go directly to their classrooms

Any students who arrive before the above

designated times must report to the 

Before Care room.


Parents are expected to bring children to the

 classroom after they have been signed in next

to their respective classrooms.   For earlier 

arrivals, parent must sign the child in at the

 Before Care room. Sign-in sheets will be

 in that room.


If your child attends the half-day program 

in Pre-K, parents are to wait outside the 

classroom door. The children will be released 

at 11:30 to an authorized adult.




All Day Three and Four Year Olds


Since your child will be spending all day with us,

 please make sure to provide them with a lunch

 from home. We do have a milk program and 

you can order milk on a monthly basis. We have

a rest time during the afternoon. Children lie 

down on mats and lights are out for a short

 time. They must bring a blanket.   On some 

Fridays, we have a movie time with rest as

a treat!

Following rest time, Children have a snack 

using something they have left over from their

 lunch. Before leaving, stories are read, songs

 are sung, and we get ready to go home by 

putting our items in backpacks and getting our

 jacket on. At 2:30 PM, the classroom door is 

opened and children are dismissed to an 

authorized adult.







No child will be excused from school without a 

written request from a parent or guardian. 

This is for the protection of your child. Children

must be signed out when being picked up early.




Teachers arrive at school around 7:30 AM.


Teachers are busy with the children 

arriving and must begin classes on time 

– Kindergarten (8:00 sharp) 

Pre-Kindergarten (8:30 sharp), so parents 

are not to interrupt by going to any 

classroom. Anyone having a concern, etc.,

 may come to the office to schedule an 

appointment with a teacher. The same

procedure holds true at the end of the school

 day when teachers are busy with children and

 unable to talk with parents. Appointments will

 be scheduled for after school hours when the

children are not in school.




The school doors are locked and remain

locked all day. Anyone seeking entrance

 to the building must ring the side doorbell

 and when admitted go directly to the

secretary’s office and sign in. No one

admitted is to go to any classroom without

 office permission. All volunteers must sign 

in at the office before going to their designated

 areas. Everyone is to sign out when leaving

 the building.







  1. 1.   Parents will be called. If no answer –
  2. 2.   Emergency contacts will be called.
  3.  If no one can be reached –
  4. 3.   The child will go to our Aftercare
  5.  Program, and we will continue to reach
  6.  the parents/guardians/Emergency 
  7. Contacts.
  8. 4.   The Aftercare fees will be charged
  9.  accordingly.






In order to maintain acceptable grades, good

study habits are a must both in school and at 

home. Parents and teachers must work together

 and support one another regarding homework

assignments. The school office will NOT be able

 to call parents for lost or forgotten homework.






Discipline must be a joint effort of the school, 

the parents, and the students.  It is to be

administered with consistency and fairness to 

ensure that each child is given the opportunity

 to fulfill his/her potential unhindered by the

 disruptions or infractions of others. 

Each teacher will clearly define the expectations

 of classroom behavior, and all students have 

the responsibility to abide by the rules.




1. Parental support of the School’s discipline

 policy is seen as essential.


2. The classroom teacher is the primary

 disciplinarian and will redirect children as 

needed. In the event of severe behavior, the

 student will remain with the teacher and the

 aide will take the rest of the class to an 

alternate classroom with the school secretary

 to continue activities. In either event, 

parents will be notified.


3. The Director will consult with teachers

 concerning matters which warrant further



4. While school buses are not under the

direct supervision of the school, the director 

will work with the transportation office 

personnel to maintain order and safety on 

the buses for your children during field trips.


5. At times it may be necessary or desirable

 to require a student/family to seek the

 services of an outside agency. The director

 will maintain a list of suitable agencies or

 individuals providing service in the area.

 Continued attendance at St. Francis de Sales 

School may be contingent upon the family’s

compliance with the recommendations of the 

evaluating agency and/or counselor.





1. Students are expected to behave in a 

responsible and appropriate manner in 

class. Children are expected to be on 

time and prepared for each day as well

as show respect for teachers, staff, and 


     2. Bullying is not acceptable behavior and

 will not be tolerated.

3. Fighting – including physical and verbal

 incidents and harassment will not be

     permitted.  While we will deal with each 

incident on an individual basis, it should

     be understood that an incident of fighting

 will result in an in-school or out-of-

     school suspension.  That suspension may be accompanied by a period of

     disciplinary probation.  This in turn can 

lead to being asked to leave our school.

              Step 1 – Parent/Guardian phone call.

              Step 2 – Written Notification.

              Step 3 – Dismissal from program.


4. Weapons on School Premises — No 

instrument that can be construed as a 

weapon (i.e. knife, lighter, or the like) will be

 allowed on school premises.

  Our goal is to provide a positive environment

 for all the children and staff. However, children

 have bad days like you and I. At the beginning

 of the year we will let the children know what 

behavior is acceptable and what is not. Hitting,

biting, or harming another is never acceptable.

 If this does occur, we feel redirecting is the 

best approach. We will always deal with the

 parties involved. Redirecting may include a 

space where the child has the opportunity to

think about a better choice.


First Experience


   Please remember that preschool is a new

 experience for many children. New experiences 

can be scary for everyone. Your child may have

 a difficult time. Tears are normal and healthy 

for changes that occur in your child’s life. If 

there is something we can do to help, please 

let us know. We find that children do best when 

parents are firm and say a gentle goodbye.

 Once the parent is out of sight, children begin 

to settle in. This may take a couple of days or 

even weeks. Consistency is very important. 

We will do our best to make sure this transition

goes as smoothly as possible.











Our program is designed to provide a pleasant

and caring place where children feel safe and 

secure while their families are working. During 

that time we have scheduled activities as well 

as free time.


Before and After-School Care will be held on

every school day from September until the last

full day in June. The hours of operation for 

Before Care 7:00 A.M. – 8:30 A.M. and for After

 Care are from dismissal to 5:30 PM. If the 

school is closed before the end of the day

because of inclement weather, we will keep

 the after school care children until they can 

be picked up.


Before Care


One Child

Second Child
















One Child

Second Child

















Before/After-School Care activities consist of:

 Gym activities, Snack, Computer lab

 (occasionally), Reading, Games, Free play


If you choose to sign your child(ren) up, please

 register through the office. If you plan to use

 the program occasionally, it would help if you 

could let us know at least 48 hours ahead of 

the day(s) you plan to use it and include your

 anticipated pick-up time.


Billing for Aftercare is sent home the following

 week and is due upon reception.



All money sent in to school for milk, book clubs,

 pizza, class trips, etc. should be in an

 envelope and clearly marked with the child’s 

name, grade and what the money is for.

 The above items all go to different accounts 

so they must be paid separately.



Please, anytime a check is being used for payment, make sure there is money in your 

account. Any penalties we incur for insufficient funds must be paid by the family.



Tuition for 2018-2019 Pre-K and Kindergarten Program:

Tuition for 2018-2019 Pre-K and Kindergarten Program:



Registration     Fee*



Monthly Pmt.

Hours of Operation

All Day 3’s & 4’s




8:30-2:30 Monday-Friday

Half Day 3’s&4’s




8:30-11:25 Monday-Friday

3’s M, W, F




8:30-11:25 Mon., Wed., Friday





8:30-2:30 Monday-Friday

 *The registration fee is non-refundable and is used to guarantee your spot in the

 pre-K and kindergarten classes. Tuition is paid using the FACTS tuition 

management system, or by paying in-full by in the school office August 14th,

 or by mailing a check made out to St. Francis de Sales School by August 14th.

. Tuition and Before/Aftercare payments may be tax-deductible.




We want to encourage you to dress your child in

 play clothes. Accidents may happen! Please

send an extra set of play clothes to school. We 

will also play outside, so please dress your child

 appropriately for outdoor play. Children enrolled

 are expected to be toilet trained, however,

 occasional accidents happen. Any accident will 

be handled with as little commotion as possible.




It is important that you child have a positive 

school experience. In order to do that, your

 child must feel his/her best. If you suspect that

 your child does not feel well, please keep 

him/her home for the wellbeing of him/her and

 everyone in the class.


Our school policy states that you should not

 sent your child to school if he/she has:

  • Fever in the past 24 hours
  • Vomiting in the past 24 hours
  • Diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • Strep throat (must have been taking an 
  • antibiotic for at least 24 hours before 
  • returning to school)
  • Bad cold, with a very runny nose or bad
  •  cough, especially if it has kept the child
  •  awake at night.
  • Head Lice – unless it has been treated 
  • according to the nurse or doctor’s instructions.


If your child becomes ill at school, you will be 

called to come and take him/her home. This will

be done through the school office. It is essential

 that the office has a phone number where you

 can be reached. Please be sure that 

arrangements can be made to transport your

 child home from school and that childcare is 

available in case of illness. If your daytime 

or emergency phone number changes

 during the year, please notify the school 

office immediately.





We will need the following on file for medication

 to be dispensed during school hours:


Parent/guardian is responsible for dispensing

 their child’s medication within the school day.

 Non-prescription mediation such as topical 

ointments may be administered by the teacher 

or nurse with parent approval through written 





Generally speaking, the preschool and 

kindergarten will follow the Herkimer School 

calendar. When the Herkimer School District is 

closed, the Early Childhood Center will be also.

 The same applies for snow days. You will

 receive a call from our Messaging System on

 snow days and/or emergencies.



Parents will be asked to provide snack. Please

 notify us if your child has any food allergies.



Birthday are special! If you would like to send 

in a special snack for your child’s birthday, we 

will be certain to celebrate. PARENTS ARE


SPECIAL DAY! We celebrate July and August

 birthdays as half-birthdays for the children. 

During January, July birthday are celebrated

on the same date and in February we do the 

same for August birthdays. We want everyone 

to have a day to celebrate. All goodies must

be store-bought and pre-packaged due to State

 regulations. No homemade foods are 



If you are having a party for your child, 

please distribute the invitations on your 

own. Our school policy is not to distribute 

them at school, unless every child is 

invited. In the past we, have had many

 tears and hurt feelings because some 

children were excluded.


Special Guests


Throughout the year we will have special 

visitors according to themes we are working on.
We are always looking for new talent, so if you 

or someone you know would like to share

something with us, please let us know.




A newsletter will be sent home at the beginning 

of every month. It will list the themes for the 

month, special events or guests, parties, and 

any days off. This helps to keep you informed

 about what is happening. Please check if your

 child has been absent to make sure you have 

not missed any letters that may have been

 sent home.


Weekly Take-Home Packet


A packet of information will be sent home every 

Wednesday. It will contain information such as

 special events or guests parties, and any day 

off. This helps to keep you informed about what

 is happening. Please check your child’s back

 pack often so that you do not miss any letters 

that may have been sent home. Weekly packet 

are also available on the school’s website:






Under the New York State Textbook Law, the 

school district is reimbursed $58.25 per student

 in that district, including those attending the

non-public school.

The $58.25 per pupil from the state just won't

 keep us in up-to-date books. Therefore, the

 supply fee helps but does not totally pay for 

some books, copy paper, paints, art paper, etc.,

 weekly publications, computer software,

 DVD’s and Instructional Support Services.

Tablet paper, pens, pencils, and crayons, are

 not included in the fee and cannot be supplied.






1. Each student should be prompt in meeting 

the bus. All drivers have been instructed not to 

wait for anyone.

2. Any practices which might distract the driver

from his job of driving will not be tolerated. 

Excessively loud talk, whistling, and horseplay 

not only make the driver’s job more difficult

 but are an annoyance to all who ride the bus.

3. The students using the bus facilities shall

 refrain from using vulgar language or littering

 on the bus.

4. Windows are to be adjusted only under the 

supervision of the driver. A severe accident 

could be the result of putting hands and arms

 out open windows.

5. Students are to remain properly seated while

 the bus is in motion.

6. Students should always cross a few feet in 

front of the bus.

7. Any student who violates any of the above

 rules may be refused the privilege of riding

 the school bus.

8. In the event that school must be closed

 because of bad weather, you will be notified 

via School Reach Messaging System and on 



We hope parents will go over the rules for

riding the bus with on field trips with their







School Accident Insurance is available for all 

students. However, all bills must be submitted

 through your primary insurance carrier first 

before the diocesan policy can consider 

payment. Please call the school office if you 

have questions regarding the insurance.






All staff are trained in first aid and safety

 according to the NYS Day Care regulations.

All staff are Virtus trained through the 

Albany Diocese.

Fire Drills are performed once a month.

Shelter in Place Drills are done twice a


Monthly inspections of the premises are

 down to observe possible fire and safety 


If pesticides are used for any reason,

parents will be notified not less than 

forty-eight prior to application.





We offer pizza every Friday and pizza should be

paid for ahead of time by the month. Slices 

are $1.25 each. If a day off or a snow day falls

 on a Friday, the pizza day will be rolled over to the next

 Friday school is in session.

Additional special lunch days may be scheduled

 throughout the month. Please make sure to

send in your order and payment as specified

 in the weekly news notes. (No checks, please)




11:30 - 12:00            Kindergarten        

                                    Full day PreK                                                           




DAYS IN THE GYM 12:00-12:30


During lunch students eat in their classrooms.

Milk may be purchased by the month.

 Reminders will be sent home at the end of 

each month to inform you of the cost for the 

upcoming month. NO SODA will be available 

for purchasing. If you don't wish to order milk, 

please send something else for your child to 

drink. Juices that leave permanent stains should

 not be sent in.


Any parent who brings a lunch into the school

 during the morning is to leave the lunch off at

the school office. We cannot interrupt the

 teachers during class time to let children know 

that their lunch has arrived. Any child who

arrives without a lunch and is not expecting a

 parent to deliver one, should tell their teacher

 immediately so that we can try to contact a



Parents may occasionally pick up their children

 for lunch. Please notify the office beforehand.





For purposes of mutual understanding, 

conferences can be very necessary and 

extremely beneficial. Please do not hesitate to 

call for an appointment if you would like to 

meet with the director, teacher(s), or both. 

Such a meeting may resolve a situation and

 benefit all concerned, especially the child.


Parents may not interrupt during class periods

 for such conferences. When an emergency

 arises, contact is made through the school







During the school year, faculty, staff, and 

students gather in church to join with Father

 in celebrating the Liturgy. With Father and the 

classroom teacher, each grade Pre-K 4’s and

Kindergarten will attend. It is our hope that 

as many parents as possible will make an effort

to attend these Masses.





The Parent Group is an organization affording

 parents the opportunity to become active 

members in the progress of the school. We 

welcome and urge parents to become actively



All meetings will be held in a School Classroom.


Our first meeting will take place at the end 

of September. Please watch for monthly 








Parent Volunteers provide a needed service

to the students and faculty. There are several 

ways parents can become involved in the school.

 For example, there are pizza days and special 

lunch days where parent volunteers are

 welcome. Please contact your child’s teacher 

or the school office if you are interested in 

volunteering to help with classroom parties

 for special holidays.



THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR                                                            

The new school year is a great time for parents

 to think about what they can do to make a real

 contribution to the education of their children.

Make up your mind now that THIS NEW SCHOOL

 YEAR will be an enjoyable and profitable one

 for both you and your child(ren).


1) Before school starts, let your child know

 that you believe in respect and appropriate 



2) During the school year, take a real interest

in the work your child talks about or brings

 home. It will only take a few minutes, but it’s 

important to the child and to you too.


3) For Kindergarten, check on homework once

 in a while. Just making sure that it’s done isn't

enough. See that it’s understood also.


4) Keep cool! If your child is disciplined by a

 teacher, director or pastor, try to get all the

 facts. Make an appointment with the teacher,

director or pastor. They will appreciate your



5) Give your child responsibility at home.

 Children who are responsible at home are often

 more responsible in school.


6) Participate in the school activities when you 

can. It may take time. It will surely take effort,

 but the results will be worth it.


7) Read to your child daily. Try to vary the types

 of books read from non-fiction to fiction. Limit 

the amount of video and TV access per day. 

Your child WILL benefit from this.


8) Do your best to know your children's friends.

 If you have any criticisms to make, be sure 

they're valid ones, not just criticism based on 

appearance or hearsay.


9) Finally, practice what you preach! Make sure

your home complements what your child learns 

at school. There's no substitute for example. 

Live the Christian life and chances are your 

children will too. Make a special effort to 

actively participate in your parish. Teachers are

only helpers in faith education. You are the first

teachers and the most important aspect of your

 child's growth and development.

How to Report Sexual Abuse




Victims of Sexual Abuse

The Diocese of Albany urges all victims to

 report any instance of sexual abuse against a

 minor by a member of the clergy, its employees

 or volunteers, to the local police or to the office

 of the appropriate District Attorney.

(Contact information for DAs)

Adults Reporting Past Abuse.

Adults who wish to report allegations of 

childhood abuse to the diocese should contact

 the diocesan Assistance Coordinator 

(Mr. Frederick Jones at 518-453-6646

 Voice mailbox 6834:

  The Assistance Coordinator will respond to you

 within 24-48 hours. All allegations of abuse of

 minors received by the Assistance Coordinator

 will be reported to the office of the appropriate

 District Attorney. Copies of reports will also be

 sent to the Bishop, the diocesan attorney and

 the diocesan Review Board members. Reports 

received will not be screened for credibility.

The Diocese of Albany is committed to full

 cooperation with the civil authorities in the 

reporting and investigation of such allegations. 

If the diocese receives notification from the DA’s

 office that it will not investigate an allegation 

of sexual abuse that was submitted, or that it is

 unable to take any action, the diocese will then

 follow its own protocol for processing an 

allegation of sexual abuse.

Employees Reporting Abuse:

  1. Where the victim is a current minor.
    1. Allegations against parish/school 
    2. staff/volunteers.

The parish leader/ school principal 

should immediately report all allegations

 received of sexual abuse against clergy,

 employees or volunteers to the local

 police and to the diocesan attorney

Michael Costello Esq. (# 518-463-1177) 

 The person receiving the report

will not screen such reports for 


The diocesan attorney will inform the

appropriate DA within 24 hours. If the

 diocesan attorney cannot be reached,

 please call the Assistance Coordinator

 at 518-453-6646.

    1. Allegations against parish or school 
    2. leaders.

If an allegation is received against the 

parish leader or school principal, the 

person receiving the report will not

 screen such reports for credibility.
The diocesan attorney Michael Costello 

Esq. should be notified as soon as the

 report is received and he in turn will 

immediately notify the local police and

the appropriate DA’s office within

 24 hours. If the diocesan attorney 

cannot be reached, please call the

 Assistance Coordinator at 

Copies of any report made to the 

police or DA should be sent to the

 Assistance Coordinator who will inform

 the Bishop, the diocesan attorney and 

the diocesan Review Board members.
The School Superintendent will be

 informed of all reports received against 

school personnel.

    1. Allegations against the child’s family.

 Allegations received by school or parish

 staff that a child/youth has been 

harmed or is at risk of being harmed by

 a parent/guardian or other person 

legally responsible for his or her care.

(e.g. any adults living in the home) 

should be reported to the Child Abuse

 Central Register.

Mandated reporters call:


Parish staff who are not mandated 

reporters: 1-800 -342-3720

If a child is in immediate dange

r call 911 or the local police.

For further information please visit:

  1. Where the victim is an adult.

Parish, school staff and other diocesan

personnel receiving such reports from

 adults who were abused as minors, should 

notify the Assistance Coordinator Frederick

 Jones (Phone # 518-453-6646) within one

business day. Such reports received will

 not be screened for credibility. The 

person receiving the complaint should

 remind the victim of his/her right to report

 the allegation directly to the office of the 

district attorney where the alleged abuse

 occurred. All allegations of abuse of minors

received by the Assistance Coordinator will 

be reported to the office of the appropriate 

District Attorney, with copies sent the 

diocesan attorney and the Review Board

 members.The School Superintendent will

be informed of all reports received against 

school personnel.


Teachers’ Note


The needs of the children will always come first.

 We are looking forward to a successful,

 fun-filled year with your child. At any time,

 please feel free to come to us to discuss any

comment or concerns you many have. Open

communication will be the key at a healthy, 

happy year. If you cannot reach us at the

school, feel free to call us at home.


Laura Campione – 315-360-1296  

Becky Marzeski – 315-868-6599

Erin View 315-868-7471





We are most grateful to all those parents 

who so generously give of their time, 

treasure and talents in a variety of ways for 

the benefit of the children of St. Francis de 

Sales Early Childhood Learning Center. You 

make it possible for our school to continue

 into the future.


God bless you,


Laura Campione, Becky Marzeski, and Erin View




School Office 315- 866-4831