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Newsletter & News Notes

March 4th, 2020


Coronavirus- Each of our classrooms could use disinfectant wipes. Thank you. We met with Father Cunningham yesterday and more details will follow about safety and hygiene procedures.


THEMES: Letter names and sounds, number recognition, counting, Lent, Spring, St. Patrick, St. Patrick’s Day, transportation, germs and the heart.

AUTHOR: Laura Numeroff (author of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie books) and Dr. Suess


PARENT MEETING- Tonight, Wednesday, March 4th at 4:30 in the school library. This meeting will be to discuss program options and to answer your questions. Please feel free to use our aftercare program, free to any parent of a Pk-4 or Kindergarten student that evening. If you cannot attend this meeting, please contact our office for another time to discuss the program for next year. Thank you


Rice Bowls- We have Lenten Rice Bowls still available in our office. Also, each of our classrooms has a Rice Bowl if your child would like to contribute spare change in their classroom anytime during Lent.

Lent- Please help us collect food for the food bank. Any non-perishable items are welcome. We have a table set up in the lobby near the office for collecting all food items.


Burger King- Wednesday, March 11th. Payment will be due Monday, March 9th. Burger King will not accept late orders so please be sure to have money in on time. (If you cannot remember if you have paid, please feel free to call the office to check. 315-866-4831)


PSAOur next meeting is Wednesday, March 11th at 7:00 P.M. in our school library. Please join us!


Pizza Dates- All Fridays in March with the exception of the 20th.


Friday, March 13th- Herkimer CSD does not have school, but WE WILL have school that day.


SHOW AND TELL: Monday, March 16th Please bring an item that makes you think of spring!


Wednesday, March 18th- 8:30-9:15 Kindergarten will be putting on a presentation for St. Patrick’s Day at Morning Program. Kindergarten parents are welcome to attend.


March 20th- NO SCHOOL – Diocesan Conference Day- No School for children.


Wednesday, March 25th at 9am- Mrs. VanSanford will be presenting proper handwashing and teaching us about germs and why proper handwashing is important to good health.


Aftercare- Juice and snacks are needed for aftercare. We are getting low. Thank you so much for anything you are able to send to us.


MOTHER GOOSE OLYMPICSThis event will take place in April and will include Pre- K 4’s, and Kindergarten!  


PEE WEE OLYMPICS- This event will take place in May and we will include Pre-K 3’s. More information will follow.


ZOO TRIP - Pre-K 4’s and Kindergarten will go to the zoo in June. Pre-K 3’s will be having a beach day in the classroom that day.


MEMORY BOOKWe will have a school year book. Mrs. VanSanford, Mrs. Spisak, and Mrs. Crandall are our chairpersons. If you have any great pictures of events you have attended, please put them inside an envelope with your name and send in to our school office. You could also email any pictures to us at


Pre-K 3 Moving up ceremony will be Friday, June 19th.


Last Day of School- for 3’s and 4’s is Friday, June 19th.


GRADUATION – Pre-K 4’s and Kindergarten Monday, June 22nd.


Last Day of School- for Kindergarten is Wednesday, June 24th.


“Let us love one another, for love comes from God.”