St. Francis de Sales

Regional Catholic School

Herkimer, NY

Director: Rebecca Marzeski
Secretary: Marianne Dillenbeck

220 Henry Street Herkimer, NY 13350
Phone: (315) 866-4831 Fax: (315) 866-9043
Why send your child to St. Francis de Sales Early Childhood Learning Center?

"It was important to us that our daughter's first impression of school was a very positive experience.  As former students at St. Francis, we knew the tight community and compassionate teachers that our daughter would have, which made our decision to send her to St. Francis very easy!  The dedication the teachers have to each student is amazing!"
                                  Matt and Sarah Spisak    10/26/2018

"For our family, St. Francis was a no-brainer.  We attend mass there weekly and always heard such positive feedback from countless other parents in the community.  We knew our daughter would be safe in the same school we both attended many years ago.  We attended their Open House in the spring and our daughter immediately connected to her teacher, Mrs. Erin.  She has the biggest heart and gets through to her so well.
The curriculum is fantastic.  Our 3 year old tells us that she plays every day, but we can also see her intellectual development. This program is all about learning through play, which is what we believe in for such young children.  We are extremely pleased with the faith reinforced here.  Our daughter has surprised us with prayers we hadn't taught her yet and often talks about our Lord.  It is wonderful to have such an amazing school where our daughter learns and grows, but also receives lessons (that are very age-appropriate) in our Catholic faith.  We know she is a better human being from this school."
                                  -Kayla Hartman    11/4/2018

St. Francis de Sales Regional Catholic School ~ 220 Henry Street ~ Herkimer ~ New York ~ 13350
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